PyGanic® Specialty

PyGanic® Specialty is a professional botanical insecticide that rapidly knocks down and kills pests in greenhouses and nurseries. PyGanic® Specialty kills a broad spectrum of insects from aphids to whiteflies and can be used on ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit and nut trees.

PyGanic® Specialty is made from botanically-derived active ingredients – pyrethrins, exacted from chrysanthemums – and is very effective at killing garden pests.


  • For commercial Greenhouse and Nursery production
  • Rapid knockdown and kill of 100 insects including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, fruit flies, gnats, leafhoppers, moths, whiteflies, and more
  • Flushes insects and mites from hiding
  • OMRI Listed and meets USDA’s NOP requirements
  • Contains 5.0% Pyrethrins
  • Higher concentration of Pyrethrins is better suited for large-scale applications and high volume users
  • One pint makes up to 16 gallons, depending on the application

Packaging Options:

  • Quart (32 oz.) Bottles
  • Gallon (128 oz.) Bottles