Mycorrhizal fungi can provide many benefits to your home lawn and garden.  We applaud you for doing your research to see how adding these beneficial soil organisms into your gardening practices can improve your success in the garden. As the awareness of the benefits of mycorrhizae grows, there are now more options to incorporate mycorrhizae into your garden and realize the benefits of this biological technology.  Please feel free to review the following resources to learn how mycorrhizae work and discover how to select the best retail mycorrhizal product for your home garden. For gardeners from novice to expert, utilizing mycorrhizae might be the key to you getting your green thumb!

Novice Home Gardeners:

Learn the basics, plus how to select the right mycorrhizal product for your home garden and lawn.

Expert Home Gardeners:

Learn how mycorrhizae work, and how they can aid your plants and improve your gardening success.