Mycorrhizal Applications was founded more than twenty years ago in an effort to solve a problem foresters and restoration professionals had faced for decades: How do you improve transplant success of seedlings when replanting a forest that had been clear-cut?

By the early 1990’s, US Forest Service Researcher Dr. Mike Amaranthus had conducted many years of research demonstrating the value of mycorrhizal inoculation of forestry seedlings and the resulting increase in transplant survival.  However, when Dr. Amaranthus began recommending the use of mycorrhizae to forestry nurseries, they found that mycorrhizal inoculum were not available commercially.  In order to meet that demand, Dr. Amaranthus founded Mycorrhizal Applications in Southern Oregon in 1995. Since its founding, Mycorrhizal Applications has developed the MycoApply® brand of professional mycorrhizal inoculants in order to expand the commercial access to mycorrhizae in all industries involving soil, plants, and people, and continues to educate growers, retailers, and the public on the value of mycorrhizal utilization.

Disturbances such as clear-cutting, fire, erosion, etc. will destroy the essential mycorrhizal network under the soil, and the MycoApply® brand of professional mycorrhizal inoculants that we offer is the best way to reestablish these symbiotic partners.

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