MycoApply® for Agriculture

MycoApply® agricultural soil health products contain a diverse combination of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi species to help improve nutrient efficiency, increase drought tolerance, and maximize plant stress resilience to optimize yield potential.  These beneficial fungi rapidly establish a symbiotic relationship with the plant, producing hyphae that can access soil spaces that root hairs can’t.  These hyphae expand beyond the root zone, increase the root surface area, and produce enzymes that release tightly bound nutrients in the soil to make these insoluble nutrients available to your crops.  Keep your advantage – nurture your soil today to ensure that future harvests are just as bountiful.

MycoApply® is available in formulations designed for specific crops and grower needs.

Mycorrhizal Applications became part of the Valent BioSciences group of companies in 2015, and all MycoApply® Agriculture products for the US are exclusively distributed by Valent BioScience’s Biostimulant Business Unit, which has an agricultural sales and distribution presence throughout the United States.

For information about MycoApply® mycorrhizal products for agricultural use in the United States and to locate a sales representative in your area, please visit the Valent BioSciences website:

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Since Mycorrhizal Applications is part of the Valent BioSciences group of companies, we are also able to partner with the VBC global sales network for international MycoApply® product development, sales, and distribution.

For more information about MycoApply® products for International agricultural use, please view this map for global affiliate contact information in your region. Click Here: