Agriculture Testimonials

MycoApply Improves Zinfandel Grape Harvest in Southern Oregon

Hello Dr. Mike,

Just wanted to follow up on our conversation regarding the application of Mycorrhizal Applications Mycorrhiza on our vineyard. If I misuse the application of the word, I do apologize. Mycorrhiza/Mycorrhizae/Mycorrhizal, it’s confusing!

We have a vineyard in Southern Oregon on the Missouri Flat Bench. I am aware that you have done extensive soil testing in this area. After showing you our Zinfandel, you thought that there was a hardpan layer preventing the vines from getting their roots deeper in the soils.

Due to the rocky soil and the fact that we Dry Farm, the Zinfandel, in particular, has always struggled. So we took your advise and applied the first Mycorrhizae to all the soils in 2012. Placing a tablespoon at the base of each plant and letting the Fall Rains wash it in to the roots. Then we applied the 2nd Mycorrhizae to the Zinfandel in Spring of 2014 and most recently the Spring of 2015 during the rains.

The upper block of Zinfandel is now on it’s 9th leaf. We noticed a marked change after the first application in 2012. The subsequent Spring of 2013, the vigor of the vines and the fruit set and were much improved. So we set out to apply again in the Spring of 2014. The vines did so well that in a heavy wind one entire row was blown over, trellis and all because it was so heavy with fruit!

Indeed, last year was a record year for growth the Zinfandel section of the vineyard, the rest of the vineyard has definitely benefitted, and most notably in the Zin. The girth of the trunks almost doubled. They went from 3″ to about 6″. We have again applied Mycorrhizae this Spring. We look forward to watching the vines continue to survive.

We are entering a palpable drought. It will affect us all. I am so amazed at the symbiosis of these tiny little creatures with the root systems of plants. I admire your knowledge and dedication to the production of this product. We look forward to using it through the years.

Sandi Garoutte

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Better Wheat Harvests with MycoApply

As you know I am an organic wheat farmer here in Wyoming and we had one of driest and coldest winters on record. I used your MycoApply granular on my winter wheat and I am very pleased at what I am seeing. The root systems are noticeably stronger and deeper. The crop definitely established better than my neighbors wheat. We have the best looking wheat in ten miles. The Mycorrhizae are making a noticeable difference in the health and vigor of my crop. I’m sold on your MycoApply product and will be needing 5,000 pounds for my next planting.

Sincerely, Stan Mosher
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Dairy Farms and MycoApply

Looks like the top field on the Stotz Dairy here in Arizona inoculated with MycoApply yielded an additional 300lbs of lint compared to the lower field. I also did not rood the upper field and had one rood module on the lower field. They were not the same varieties, but the lower field dp 1032 has been considered a better variety by our monsanto rep….Good results. We should try some more of the fungi this year.

Zach Gingg
General Agriculture
Crop Consultant

MycoApply Increases Shallot Yields

I planted Crawford Shallots in a side by side growth trial with MycoApply Endo Granular side dressed at a rate of 2 pounds per acre at sowing The average size in the MycoApply inoculated treated area was 4 ounces compared to an average size of 2 ounces without the treatment.  The color was better for the trial on the treated shallots.  I also notice I used less water to irrigate all the produce in the field.  The area was a very low input soil so we were very surprised at the size of the shallots and the treated yields!

Loretta Sandoval- Farm Advisor
Dixon, New Mexico

Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. Takes a Hands on Approach to Customer Service

I have had dealings with a company named Mycorrhizal Applications Inc. and I can honestly say that there has always been a level of excellent customer service and helpful advice that has never wavered from the first instance I had contact with them from day one. Of course they are much bigger now and no doubt turning into another corporate big boy, but from what I still experience in dealing with them, their personal hands-on touch has never been lost. I had originally made contact with them through references from Mike Evans co-owner of one of my favourite Cal-Native Plant sources called Tree of Life Native Plants Nursery. He told me they had an excellent mycorrhizal mix that he had ever used for Manzanitas which can be touchy for many folks to grow and care for if they are unfamilar to the plants needs.  Mycorrhizal Applications Inc’s new website is very flash and sophisticated. Compare it to the simple generic original and you wouldn’t know it was the same site. The owner of the company is Mike Amaranthus and he use to have a Ask Dr Mike feature which has long since been eliminated and I can understand why. They’ve grown tremendously and have taken on a fair amount other employees as his success has required a generous amount of backup in the form of larger staff.

They also now have a great number of distrbutors for which have helped them ease the workload from the company which is based in Grant Pass, Oregon. Incredibly, I have also had great dealings with a couple distributors or affiliates of theirs and found the same personable customer service and advice offerings. So apparently they also did their homework on just who was going to represent them in the global field. One of the things that hasn’t changed and folks should see for themselves is the educational program and simple common illustrations for educating and getting the average person excited about not only a better way or approach to successful gardening, landscaping, agriculture or environmental habitat restoration, but also the ability to reach a persons heart for deep down appreciation of just how things work in nature without alot of Intellect Speak to be boring and yet just enough of the right terminology to show the amount in depth understanding of their own proprietory technologies.

Timeless Environments Article

MycoApply Endo/Ecto Improves Garden Areas

WOW! Thanks so very much. I used the last endo ecto blend last year. The property was completely run down without shrubs or trees. Every tree is more tha double the size of the same species planted at the same time throughout the neighborhood. This year salsa garden and tomatoes just got powdered. Last year they went to 12 feet and a 4″X8’ raised bed produced 60 quarts of marinara for canning.

This was year two. I had no idea that I’d get this sort of response. Typically a big boy tomato would produce 4-5’ of vine. These spilled over by another 7 feet. Leading to the building of steel cages subsequent years.

Thanks again,