MycoApply® Application & Specification Resources

We have compiled our most-requested resources for professional users of our MycoApply® products, in order to make them available in one easy-to-navigate location.  Please review the list of documents below for information concerning Types of Mycorrhizal Plants, Beneficial Factors Associated with Mycorrhizal Species, MycoApply® Drench Application Rates, MycoApply® Soil Incorporation Rates, Specification Recommendations, Turf and Landscape Application Rates, Fungicide Interactions, MycoApply® Growing Trial Protocol and Analysis, etc.

Types of Mycorrhizal Plants

Before investing in this technology, it is important to verify that the plants that you are planning to treat will respond to these symbiotic soil organisms.  Approximately 95% of plant species do form these relationships, but the document below will help to verify that your plants are mycorrhizal, and also identify which type of Mycorrhizae they require:

MycoApply® Drench Application Recommendations

Adding MycoApply® as a drench suspension is one of the most versatile methods of application, as these products can be added to plants in this method during any stage of the plant’s development, from as early as the plug stage to fully developed and established trees in an orchard or landscape.  Please review the chart below for rates and tips for Drench Applications of MycoApply®:

MycoApply® Soil Incorporation Recommendations

We offer MycoApply® Endo and MycoApply® Endo/Ecto granular mycorrhizal inoculants, both of which are ideal for incorporation, as they granule size and consistency blends very uniformly with soils and growing media.  Please review the chart below for recommendations for incorporating MycoApply® in soil or growing media:

MycoApply® Specification Recommendations – Turf & Landscape Rates

MycoApply® products can be specified in landscape products, and utilized by landscape and turf care professionals.  Please review the documents below for recommendations for specifying MycoApply®, as well as recommended rates in Turf & Landscape applications:

MycoApply® Interactions with Fungicides

MycoApply® products can be utilized in conjunction with many professional Turf & Horticulture Fungicides.  To view the interactions between many Horticulture and Turf fungicides and mycorrhizal fungi, please review the document below:

If you have additional questions about fungicide use, please refer to our FAQ Page.

For Agricultural fungicide interactions with mycorrhizal fungi, please consult with your crop adviser or the Valent BioSciences Biostimulant Unit.

MycoApply® Trial Protocol and Analysis

If you are considering running a growing trial with MycoApply® products in your professional growing operation in order to view the benefits of this technology in your greenhouse or nursery, please review the Trial Protocol and Trial Analysis documents below:

(Please contact your Mycorrhizal Application Sales Account Manager with any questions.)