Whether you manufacture soils, growing media, fertilizer products, biological amendments, or other inputs for professional growers, farmers, landscapers, arbor care professionals, turf managers, restoration application, or even home gardeners and lawn care, the incorporation of our top-quality mycorrhizal products will increase product performance, and differentiate your product in the marketplace.

The diverse species of mycorrhizal fungi in our products are backed by expert technical and scientific support from the leaders in the mycorrhiza industry, authoring over 100 technical papers and articles and accessing a research database of over 70,000 mycorrhiza studies from around the world.

Our MycoApply® professional-grade mycorrhizal inoculants are the gold standard of the industry, with over 20 years of experience in the manufacture and commercialization of this technology.  Manufacturer customers can purchase our active ingredients in bulk for incorporation into other finished professional and retail products.

For more information about how to become a Manufacturer customer of our MycoApply® inoculants, please contact our sales team at so we can work with you to determine the appropriate products, incorporation rates, etc.

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