How often do you think about the impact of your management practices on turf and environmental quality? Annually? Weekly? Daily? If you responded weekly or daily you are probably a person who is interested in environmentally-friendly products that will improve turf and soil quality. Mycorrhizal fungi are not new, trendy, genetically engineered organisms.

These specialized fungi have been fundamental to the survival and growth of plants for over 400 million years.

Scientific advancements in the culture of certain beneficial mycorrhizal species are rapidly creating more cost-effective mycorrhizal products to the turf management marketplace. Mycorrhizae can help lower costs over the long run. A living soil and healthy turf will retain nutrients, build soil structure, reduce stress and minimize certain maintenance activities. The appropriate use of mycorrhizae in turf programs will not only benefit the environment but will also improve coverage, rooting, fertilizer utilization and drought resistance. Protecting the environment has never made more sense. Myco-what? This is definitely a question of the past.

Bermudagrass on left was treated with MycoApply®. The specimen on the right was untreated.

Why Mycorrhizae and Grasses?

  • Improves root penetration
  • Improves fertilizer utilization
  • Stimulates seed germination & cover during grow-in
  • Improves tolerance of environmental extremes
  • Reduces drought stress
  • Promotes good soil structure and drainage
  • Reduces watering need

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