About Us

At Mycorrhizal Applications (MA), we are dedicated to sustainability by providing the agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and forestry industries with efficient and effective microbial-based biorational solutions. As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mycorrhizal soil inoculants, MA researches, produces, and markets mycorrhizal fungi which accelerate plant performance by greatly increasing the surface absorbing area of roots, producing a healthier root system. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots to create a symbiotic root-and-mycelial network within the surrounding soils, increasing efficiency in nutrient and water absorption to optimize plant hardiness and vigor. MA’s MycoApply® line of professional mycorrhizal inoculants is utilized by landscapers, farmers, forest nurseries, restoration & erosion control specialists, greenhouses, soil media manufacturers, and professional horticulturalists to maximize plant success and improve return on investment. MA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences.

Science Helping Your Plants Grow Better Naturally!

Our Philosophy

Mycorrhizal Applications is a company that is committed to Mother Earth, customer service, quality products, sound science, sustainable progress, and ultimately, our goal to “Change Your World.” We believe that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do, and we are just that kind of crazy.

As the world’s largest producer of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, we are proud of the contribution our MycoApply® products are making to improve the sustainability of our planet, the nutritional quality of food, and the ability to feed our growing population, while reducing the need for petrochemicals and fossil fuels, as well as lowering the need for irrigation, and ultimately reducing erosion and pollution of our water resources and improving plant establishment on degraded and even desertified lands. By respecting, honoring, and promoting the natural symbioses that plants rely upon in nature, we are re-establishing, promoting, and supporting living soils worldwide.

Mission: At Mycorrhizal Applications, we harness the power and wisdom of natural systems to promote living soils and increase quality, productivity, and health in all industries involving soils, plants, and people.

Who We Are

The Mycorrhizal Applications team embodies the values and mission of our company. We are a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who work hard to offer innovative biorational products of the highest possible quality and efficacy. Based in the outdoor recreation paradise that we call Grants Pass, OR, our team is also passionate about playing hard in the great outdoors, while preserving the ecosystem services that undisturbed nature has to offer. Known as the “Rogue Valley,” our region of Southern Oregon is recognized for innovative “outside the box” thinking, and our crew is no exception! And just as we seek to promote symbioses in nature, we highlight and cultivate the skills of our diverse team to create our own Mycorrhizal Applications flavor of symbiotic synergy.

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Company History

Mycorrhizal Applications was founded in 1995 by Dr. Mike and Eileen Amaranthus, with a focus on producing ectomycorrhizal slurries for use in forest restoration. The company subsequently developed “in vivo” and “in vitro” methods for producing a diverse array of mycorrhizal products for use in many applications, including agriculture, turf management, landscaping, and professional horticulture. Mycorrhizal Applications quickly grew into the largest manufacturer of commercially-available mycorrhizal products in the world.

  • In 1995, Mycorrhizal Applications was established in the Amaranthuses’ garage.
  • In 1998, the company moved into its first official office on “D” Street in Grants Pass, OR.
  • In 1999, Mycorrhizal Applications branched out beyond the forestry industry, and added endomycorrhizae into its product mix.
  • In 2002, the company moved to its first large-scale production and office building on “E” Street in Grants Pass, OR.
  • In 2004, Mycorrhizal Applications entered into the agriculture industry with its MycoApply® Micronized Endo product being utilized as a seed coat, kick starting the next growth phase for the company.
  • In 2012, the new eco-friendly headquarters facility opened in Grants Pass, OR.
  • In 2013, the new Production Facility opened in Grants Pass, OR, in order to build upon the company campus and make room for continued growth.
  • In 2015, Mycorrhizal Applications became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences, a Sumitomo Chemical Company.
  • In 2016 – 2018, the team at MA has developed and launched new highly-concentrated MycoApply® products for the Agriculture markets (EndoPrime and EndoMaxx), as well as many new international products for markets all over the world while re-invigorating our MycoApply® brand presence in the non-Agriculture sectors including Horticulture, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Arbor Care, and Turf Management with our Professional Product Line.
  • 2018 – 2020: Research and Development continue, including the development and launch of new formulations with new advanced carrier technology such as MycoApply EndoPrime SC for agriculture, and MycoApply Injector Endo for horticulture and turf.  International expansion of the MycoApply brand continues.
  • 2020: Mycorrhizal Applications celebrates 25 years in business, and 5 years as a Valent BioSciences group company. We are continuing to refine our product line, develop new mycorrhizal tools to maximize success for growers and farmers, and advance our biorational technology worldwide in our ongoing efforts to Change Your World for the better!