ConShape™ contains the active ingredient S-Abscisic acid, commonly known as S-ABA.  S-ABA is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator found in trees. Application of S-ABA controls plant growth, reduces transpiration and water use, and increases the plant’s tolerance to environmental stresses (such as drought or chilling).

The primary application use for ConShape™ is for the purpose of controlling the growth of the terminal leader in Christmas tree production.

Currently registered in the following states: Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Crop Categories:

  • Christmas Tree Production


  • Controls growth of the terminal leader in many Christmas tree species.
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for manual pruning of the top leader
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use

Packaging Options:

  • 1 Liter Bottles