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Produced by Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) industry leader, Valent BioSciences, CytoFlor™ is a state-of-the-art formulation of the PGR 6-benzyladenine (6-BA), labelled for use on Ornamental plants.  This powerful PGR formulation from Valent BioSciences has been in use in the agriculture industry for many years (under various brand names), and their proprietary formulation has a number of advantages over other 6-BA products on the market, including much more rapid absorption into the leaf when compared with competing products on the market.  By introducing CytoFlor™ to the horticulture market, this industry-leading formulation is now available for professional horticulturists and ornamental growers.

Leaf Absorption Comparison Video:

How can 6-BA be utilized in ornamental horticulture?

6-BA, the active ingredient in CytoFlor™, is in the cytokinins family of plant biochemistry, and is an essential plant hormone for the growth and overall development of plants.  6-BA promotes cell growth and differentiation in plant roots and shoots, and by applying this plant hormone, growers can harness these natural processes to gain greater control over the growth and habit of many ornamental plants.  By promoting cell growth, application of CytoFlor™ during vegetative growth can increase lateral or basal branching to create a more compact and marketable plants.  By promoting cell differentiation, application of CytoFlor™ during the reproductive stage can increase flower bud formation.

Key ornamental crops that can benefit from CytoFlor™ include Christmas Cactus, Hosta spp., containerized annual and perennial flowering and foliage crops, containerized tropical plants, non-edible plants and non-bearing fruit trees, and ornamental apple and pear trees.

What are some general guidelines for using CytoFlor™?

To begin with, be sure to read all directions on the label thoroughly before handling or utilizing this product.  As with the use of many PGR products, plant size, container size and cultivar or variety is known to influence treatment response. Although multiple cultivars have been tested for sensitivity to CytoFlor™ and have demonstrated high levels of tolerance, it is impossible to ensure an acceptable response in all cultivars. For first time users of CytoFlor™ or when looking at new varieties, always conduct trials on a limited number of plants to determine crop response.

Where is CytoFlor™ available for purchase?

CytoFlor™ is for professional use only, and is not available for retail purchase.  Beginning in Fall 2019, professional horticulture distributors will begin receiving their first shipments of CytoFlor™.  You can find a distributor in your region by searching Mycorrhizal Applications’ distribution network on our Distributor Map:

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At this time, CytoFlor™ is not available for sale in California.