Canada Horticulture Distributors


Office/Eastern Division
1894 Seventh Street, P.O. Box 910
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 6Z4

Phone: 905.641.5599 | 800.665.1642
Phone for PQ Residents: 800.706.9054
Fax: 905.684.6260 | 888.SEED.JVK

Western Division
8168 River Way
Delta, BC
V4G 1K5

Phone: 604.946.5641 | 800.498.7403
Fax: 604.946.0234

International Distributors

MycoApply products are distributed internationally by the Valent BioSciences Global Sales Network.  Please click here to view international distributor locations:

U.S. Agricultural Distributors

MycoApply Agricultural products are distributed by the Valent USA Sales Network.  Please click here for more information about MycoApply Agricultural mycorrhizal products:

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