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How Mycorrhizae Can Improve Plant Quality

By March 31, 2017Horticulture

A mycorrhiza (plural Mycorrhizae) is an anatomical structure that results from a symbiotic association between a soil fungus and plant roots. In exchange for a “home,” the fungus provides numerous benefits to the host plant which we’ll discuss in the next section. Mycorrhizal fungi produce an extensive network of microscopic hyphal threads that extend into the surrounding soil or growing medium (Fig. 1). Literally thousands of research papers have been written on mycorrhizal fungi, but many growers are unsure whether their plants have Mycorrhizae or how to identify them. Numerous brands of commerical mycorrhizal inoculums are available but, unfortunately, some have been marketed as a “silver bullet” that will cure all your propagation problems. Since you are all experienced propagators who already know how to grow plants, we’d like to share with you how to make them even better.