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Everybody’s Doing It—Should You? (GrowerTalks Cover Story)

By March 31, 2017Horticulture

by Jennifer Zurko (Excerpt from GrowerTalks, February 2017)

It’s an important word that’s hard to pronounce, but once you see the benefits of adding it to your growing media, it’ll be as simple as saying phytophthora.

At least that’s what the companies who produce Mycorrhizae and the media that include it are hoping. And it seems to be working—they say more and more growers are seeing how it can help their crop go from good to great with a better root system, plant vigor and more.

Mycorrhizae isn’t a new thing, by any stretch; it’s been naturally occurring in nature since forever. And greenhouse growers knew about it 30 years ago, but at the time, no one had ever thought they would be able to use it in their own growing media. Now, with more research coming out and more companies making it commercially available, Mycorrhizae is all the rage…