We purchase insurance for our cars, our houses, and ourselves. What about for the trees and shrubs we install? Naturally you want your landscape installations to have the best opportunity to succeed.

You choose healthy stock plants, insure proper planting depth and choose the ideal location. However, after you leave the job site, care of the plant is often then left to the property owner, and here is when most plants fail. Plants succumb for a variety of reasons including over or under-watering, shock of transplant stress and lack of proper nutrition. Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave behind something that would help insure against common plant neglect? This is where mycorrhizae play an essential role.

Applying a MycoApply mycorrhizal product to established or newly transplanted plants can result in a wide range of benefits to the plant’s health, such as increased water uptake, healthier soils, increased nutrient accumulation, and transplant survival.

Mycorrhizae help increase your plants establishment and growth, greatly extend the roots’ surface area, and provide stress resistance. The presence of mycorrhizae results in healthier plants.

Trees require a healthy environment to grow and thrive, including soil, sunlight for energy, water, and low amounts of stress.

Some environments, such as new building sites‚ are severely lacking in the elements required to support a tree. Construction, tillage, compaction, erosion and even over-fertilization can negatively impact the soil and harm the supportive fungi on which trees depend. Waiting until stress is impacting a tree makes the recovery journey exponentially more difficult than maintaining a healthy tree.

Most professionals are familiar with adding additional water and fertilizer. Of course, these supplements should be applied at proper levels. Excessive fertilizer can actually kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil, creating additional problems. It is the soil that is most often neglected, thereby becoming the “root” of many problems.

Mycorrhizae help increase plant establishment and growth, extend the roots’ surface area for better uptake of minerals and nutrients and boost resistance to stress. Tree health and overall performance is enhanced due to the increased root surface allowing the plant to tolerate a wide variety of environmental extremes such as drought, salty irrigation water or soils, and waterlogged, compacted or anaerobic soils. Research shows that trees and plants receiving a mycorrhizae inoculation experience several hundred to thousand fold increase in absorbing root surface. Plant color, foliage, and overall health of the tree improve.

Mycorrhizal benefits include:

  • Improved transplant survival and growth
  • More effective rooting
  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased fertilizer utilization
  • Decreased drought stress
  • Tolerance of environmental extremes
  • Reduced off-site pollution of surface and groundwater
  • Germination