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At the core of everything that we do at Mycorrhizal Applications, both as an individual company and as part of the Valent Group of Companies (VGC), is our overall goal to increase the sustainability of plant cultivation, crop production, and all industries involving soils, plants, and people.  Our parent company Valent BioSciences publishes an annual report highlighting the sustainability goals and efforts of our corporation, as well as the group of companies that make up the VGC.

The latest edition of the Valent BioSciences Sustainability report, available HERE, highlights the inherently sustainable technologies in our portfolio, including MycoApply® mycorrhizal fungi.  The report also contains information about the overall impact of the sustainable technologies in our group’s portfolio, sustainability-promoting internal initiatives, safety philosophy and metrics, diversity, equity, inclusion, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and corporate social responsibility efforts.

As a brief intro to this document, here is a message from CEO Ted Melnik:

“COVID-19 accelerated the urgency of major global challenges, including climate change, energy, food supplies, and the control of infectious diseases. As a member of Sumitomo Chemical, we are working to address these challenges every day to further our contributions to society.

Our commitment to the Sumitomo Spirit of Harmony between individuals, society, and nature has been a key guiding principle since Valent BioSciences’ founding. We operate with a shared “Jiri-Rita” mindset, which means to benefit both self and others and that private and public interests are one and the same. It’s about contributing to society, as well as making a profit.

To help mitigate the effects of climate change, Sumitomo Chemical has committed to an aggressive goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and has revised its 2030 goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 30% to 50%. They’re counting on all of us at Valent BioSciences to help reach that goal, both in how we operate as a company and through the solutions we provide.

From improving crop quality to feeding a growing population, from protecting our forests to safeguarding public health, and from our actions as individuals to how we support our communities, Valent BioSciences is committed to a better tomorrow and shaping a more sustainable future.

-Ted Melink”

Click here for the full PDF Document: