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Mother’s Day is only two weeks away! Have you thought about your social media plan? We came up with some fun content for you to be inspired by (or just flat-out use). Don’t forget the hashtags!

For the garden center that doesn’t take itself too seriously

🌸 Roses are red, violets are blue, your mother wants a hanging basket from [insert your garden center name here] so you should probably come buy one. 🌼 #MomsWhoGrow #MomIsWatching

💐 Make Mother’s Day plant-tastic with our deals that are blooming marvelous! 🌿 Because let’s bee real, nothing says ‘I love you, Mom’ like a fern-tastic gift from our garden center. #MyPunsAreGettingWorse #SendHelp

🎉 Calling all forgetful children! 🌷 Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with gifts that scream, ‘I totally remembered Mother’s Day!’ Swing by before mom starts giving you the side-eye. #ForgottenButNotForgiven #MomIsWatching

For the sincere well-wishers

🌸 This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the incredible women who shape our lives with love, grace, and unwavering strength. 💖 Explore our collection of gifts that honor the beauty and power of motherhood. #CelebrateMom #UnconditionalLove

🌻 Moms, your love knows no bounds, your strength knows no limits. 💖 Swing by for gifts that express admiration for the incredible women who shape our lives in profound ways. #Admiration #StrengthInLove

🍃 To the women who make our world brighter, our hearts fuller, and our lives richer – Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸 Swing by for gifts that celebrate the beautiful journey of motherhood and the remarkable women who walk it with grace. #ForeverGrateful

For the plant-centric

👩‍👧‍👦 Happy Mother’s Day to the moms whose hearts never stop giving. Come by the garden center to pick up a unique plant that represents all she has given to you. Featuring the Bleeding Heart – Dicentra spectabilis 💖. #NeverStopGiving #FlowersWithHeart

🎉 It’s not a bouquet, but it will last a lot longer. Swing by to pick up our Mother’s Day featured houseplant, the heartleaf philodendron, philodendron hederaceum 🍃 #LoveThatLasts #HappyMothersDay

🌹 Nothing says ‘I love you, Mom’ more clearly than roses. This year, get mom roses that will last for years to come. Featuring our perennial rose shrubs and tea roses. 🌹 #RosesMeanILoveYou #HappyMothersDay


We should also mention that Magic Gardener Biological Disease Control will be a great Mother’s Day item for your store to carry next season. Make a note to check it out during the fall booking season or ask our (lovely) sales team about it, today.


Written by Katie Gustafson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Mycorrhizal Applications