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In its latest leap in advancing mycorrhizal inoculant technology, MA has released MycoApply® EndoThrive, a new liquid mycorrhizal inoculant. This versatile product could be the ideal choice for greenhouse and nursery growers, as well as landscapers and turf managers. The new addition to the MycoApply product line is a suspended liquid concentrate formulation that contains a high concentration of active ingredients on a nonaqueous liquid carrier. Liquid products are preferred by users in many application situations (easier to measure, better in outdoor applications.); however, previous generations of liquid mycorrhizal inoculants were limited by several factors including shelf life. EndoThrive has been formulated to overcome these challenges and achieve a 2-year shelf life.

The game-changing new grower benefit with EndoThrive is its ability to be tank-mixed with liquid fertilizers. EndoThrive can be added to a liquid fertilizer stock tank and applied with a liquid fertilizer feed, which provides application efficiency and the potential for labor savings. This next-generation formulation has been successfully implemented in the agriculture markets for several years. EndoThrive has been developed in collaboration between MA’s mycorrhizal experts, and our parent company Valent BioSciences’ liquid carrier product formulation experts. Valent BioSciences is considered an industry leader in its formulation expertise. Previous formulation advancements by Valent BioSciences include ProGibb LV Plus T&O (Less volatile organic compounds and a non-flammable formulation) and CytoFlor (Improved AI absorption). VBC has been awarded a patent on EndoThrive’s formulation technology.

MycoApply EndoThrive features four species of endomycorrhizae: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. etunicatum, and G. aggregatum. These symbiotic soil organisms benefit between 80-85% of plant species including most greenhouse and many nursery crops and are included at a very high concentration of 720,000 propagules per pint (1,524 per ml).  Mycorrhizae provide host plants both direct and indirect benefits, and ultimately increase a plants’ overall vitality, stress resilience, nutrient absorption efficiency, drought resistance, and transplant success. They can also reduce necessary investments in other production inputs including fertilizer, water, the cost of plant material, and labor.

EndoThrive is currently available in pint bottles (8 pints to a case). EndoThrive in gallon jugs (4 gallons per case) will be available beginning later this month. A Canadian version label of this product is planned for the future as well. The product is designed to be diluted at a rate of 8 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of water (which can be achieved via 1:100 injection/dosing equipment). This means that each 1-pint bottle of MycoApply EndoThrive can make 200 gallons of application solution. And each 1-gallon bottle will make 1,600 gallons of drench solution.

EndoThrive is designed to allow growing operations to incorporate mycorrhizae into their growing protocols efficiently and effectively.  It can be seamlessly added to crop production practices with no need for any additional steps in the production protocol. Inoculation can be achieved via a variety of formats with EndoThrive. The most popular application options are to include EndoThrive with irrigation or fertilizer application via boom sprayer or as a traditional drench. Additional specialty application options include via sprinkler, drip irrigation, and in-furrow. The mycorrhizae will need a 50 mesh or larger orifice to pass. The key with any mycorrhizal application is to apply the product where the roots are, or will be, actively growing.  The propagules need to have direct contact with the growing roots to achieve the benefits.

As with all drenches, it is best to apply the drench when the soil is not dried out. You don’t want the drench to be watering the plant. And after the drench is applied, additional watering can be beneficial in moving the propagules into the root zone. You don’t need to worry the propagules will not wash out of a container.

This formulation is also ideal for in-field application in the landscape or on turf due to its liquid carrier format, compact packaging sizes, and a variety of application options. Whatever the type of turf you manage including sports fields, golf courses, or general turf/landscape maintenance, the liquid formulation and the ability to mix with a liquid plant feed makes it a new and critically important tool for turf professionals. It is important to remember that mycorrhizae help landscape and turf plantings in four different ways: establishment, drought/moisture management, nutrient management, and salinity management.

If you have any questions about anything covered in this article or MycoApply Mycorrhizae, please contact your local Mycorrhizal Applications Representative or call 866-476-7800 or email us at