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The theme of Earth Day 2022 is Investing in Our Planet with a call to action for all of us to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).

With a foundation as a pioneer in the microbial inoculant industry, Mycorrhizal Applications has been acting boldly since 1995, as one of the first companies in the world to commercialize mycorrhizal inoculant technologies. With the bold motto to “Change Your World”, Mycorrhizal Applications has been researching, producing, and promoting sustainable biological soil inoculants that reduce the need for non-renewable high-impact inputs, while also building living soils that are better able to sequester carbon and support crop and plant health and vigor. In Fiscal Year 2021 alone, Mycorrhizal Applications produced enough MycoApply mycorrhizal inoculant product to inoculate 1.59 million acres of crops.

Beginning with a specific focus on forestry more than 25 years ago, Mycorrhizal Applications continually innovates broadly, by expanding its scope and applications for its innovative sustainable technology. With a mission to “harness the power and wisdom of natural systems to promote living soils and improve quality, productivity, and health in all industries involving soils, plants, and people,” MA now offers products for many industries, as well as expanding broadly internationally. With broad, effective, efficient, and flexible application options, MA’s team is constantly broadening the reach and impact of its sustainable technology.

Mycorrhizal Applications implements its sustainable technology equitably by making mycorrhizal inoculant technology increasingly accessible, affordable, and understandable. MA has a passion for symbiotic relationships, soil microbiome research, vibrant and interconnected ecosystems, and moreover for educating people regarding the value of these often-overlooked organisms and ecosystems. Our MycoApply technology is implemented in many developing countries to help with food security and sustainability, and we make sure to present our educational resources in as many languages and regions as possible. The fate of our planet is interconnected, the fate of our soils is interconnected, and equitable implementation of sustainable technologies is essential to Investing in our Planet successfully.

Earth Day Activities at Mycorrhizal Applications:

To act boldly, our team completed a local garbage pickup project in the area surrounding our headquarters in Grants Pass, which resulted in almost 40 lbs. of garbage being removed from the sidewalks and gutters, preventing this refuse from flowing downstream into our river ecosystems.  Additionally, our team members based across the country participated in garbage cleanup in their areas (the St. Louis team collected more than 100 lbs in a riverside garbage cleanup, and our Sales Account Managers based across the country completed cleanup projects in their necks of the woods as well). And as an extra component of our commitment, Mycorrhizal Applications has also committed to Adopt-a-Street for the cross streets of our headquarters, extending several blocks in all directions.  This means our actions for Earth Day 2022 have sparked a legacy of contributing to the cleanup of the environment surrounding our company’s footprint for years to come.

To innovate broadly, our team participated in a Garden Preparation, Seed Saving/Sharing event that supports our MA community’s ability to plant and produce food in our home gardens.  Through this company event, our team shared garden supplies, tips and tricks, best practices, and organic gardening supplies from growing media to fertilizer to mycorrhizae.  Community collaboration toward home-grown food production is a broad and sweeping way to help contribute to food security and sustainability.

To implement equitably, our team has committed to participating in the Josephine County Food Bank’s Plant-a-Row program.  Through this local program, MA employees who have home gardens and/or space to grow produce at home can commit to planting an extra row, extra box, or any extra area that can be cultivated with veggies, and then contributing the extra harvested produce to the local Food Bank to help feed hungry families and community members.

Earth Day 2022 Slide Show: