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The horticulture industry has been making a continual change towards plant health solutions that take a more sustainable approach. Of course, a grower can’t sacrifice effectiveness and affordability. Luckily, Mycorrhizal Applications provides some wonderful tools for the grower’s toolbox that checks all these boxes.

For instance, Azera® Pro is an ideal organic (OMRI-Listed) insect pest solution for professional greenhouse growers, nursery growers, and landscapers to deal with hard-to-kill insects. It is made from two distinctly powerful active ingredients that knocks down pests and kills them either by contact, ingestion, or insect growth regulatory activity. It kills both hard-bodied and soft-bodied insects, from aphids to beetles.

Azera® Pro can be used on ornamentals, leafy vegetables, fruit and nut trees, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and more (see label for all application specifications). However, the most unique and exciting part of Azera® Pro is that it is made with botanically derived active ingredients that are very effective at killing greenhouse, nursery, and landscape pests.

Why Azera® Pro is right for your operation:

  • Created with softer chemistry that has lower impact on the environment, but a higher impact on pests
  • Features two powerful active ingredients that are botanically derived: Pyrethrum + Azadirachtin
  • No pre-harvest interval and a very short re-entry interval
  • Kills over 200 listed pests: quick knockdown and kill of hard-to-kill insects including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, whiteflies, leafminers, and many more
  • Kills larval, pupae, and adult stages of listed insects
  • One pint of concentrate makes up to 16 gallons of solution, depending on the application
  • OMRI listed and meets USDA’s NOP requirements

Tips for Using Azera® Pro:

  • Buffer the pH of the Azera® Pro spray solution to 5.5 – 7.0
  • Azera® Pro is a contact insecticide – good coverage will make your product the most effective
  • Apply in conjunction with a spreader or wetting agent
  • Consider application in early morning, late evening, or during the night for reduced UV exposure and lower temperatures
  • For most greenhouse applications, start at the “mid” application rate
  • Tank mix Azera® Pro with other products to cut down on passes through the crop
  • Carefully monitor insect populations and apply when insects are in their early life stage
  • Remove beneficial insects or apply when beneficial insects are not present


If you are interested in Azera® Pro or our other Mycorrhizal Applications plant health solutions, contact you nearest distributer or sales representative.


Written by Katie Gustafson, Marketing Communications Manager, Mycorrhizal Applications