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In the realm of sustainable agriculture, applying MycoApply® Injector Endo Organic to your crop is a game-changer. This Omri-listed, concentrated powder holds within it the key to enhancing plant growth and vitality through mycorrhizae – in a water-soluble form. It is recommended for greenhouses, nurseries, turf, landscape, and restoration facilities that prefer to apply mycorrhizae directly to plants via injector or spray tank.

MycoApply Injector Endo Organic is a powerhouse, containing a high concentration of propagules, 17,600 per gram, representing four essential AMF species: Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus etunicatum. Acting in symbiosis with plant roots, these fungi extend beyond the rhizosphere, actively acquiring nutrients and water to deliver them efficiently to the plant’s vascular system. These fungi form symbiotic associations with approximately 85% of plant species on Earth, making them indispensable for the growth of most horticulturally important crops.

Check out our expert advice on when and how to apply Injector Organic.

When to Apply

Injector Endo can be used on plants that are newly seeded, transplanted, or established plants – and even with newly planted cuttings. The goal is to make physical contact between the mycorrhizae and the growing roots. Direct the application of Injector Endo near the living root or seed of the plant.

Application Preparation – Tank Mix

Be sure to use application equipment that is clean and free of any residue or previous product deposits before applying MycoApply Injector Endo Organic.

  • Step 1: Fill the application tank ½ full of water and initiate agitation.
  • Step 2: Add the Injector Endo suspendable powder directly to the tank. Mix thoroughly to fully disperse the product.
  • Step 3: Fill tank with remaining amount of water and continue agitation until mixture is uniform. Once dispersed and suspended, continued agitation is required (mechanical or hydraulic).
  • Extra Tip: Avoid storing your mixed spray solutions for periods greater than 24 hours. Re-suspension of the spray solution after storage is critical.

IMPORTANT: After mixing MycoApply Injector Endo with water, agitate vigorously. Maintain continuous agitation in the mix tank or stock solution container during mixing and application to ensure a uniform suspension. When applying MycoApply Injector Endo Organic mechanically, blockage may occur when using screens smaller than #50 mesh. Ensure any screens smaller than #50 mesh are removed during application preparation.

Application Preparation – Injector Systems

MycoApply Injector Endo is designed to be used with Horticulture Injector Systems and applied via various application methods. For instance:

  • Drench Watering Systems
  • Soil Drench via Overhead Boom Sprayers or Sprinklers
  • Soil Drench via Handheld Backpack or Ground Spray Equipment
  • Drip Irrigation Equipment
  • Hydromulch or Hydroseed slurry inclusion
  • In-Furrow Application at Planting

When using a 1:100 ratio horticulture injector system, mix one 20g Scoop of MycoApply Injector Endo suspendable powder per 1 gallon of water in the stock solution container. This will achieve the target product concentration of 20g of MycoApply Injector Endo per 100 gallons of water for the final application suspension.

As always, be sure to read the product label before applying MycoApply Injector Endo Organic. The product label contains the complete application instructions, rates, and important safety precautions. And don’t forget! You can always contact your local Mycorrhizal Applications Representative.

For questions on MycoApply Injector Endo Organic or our other MycoApply products call 866-476-7800 or email us at


Written by Katie Gustafson, Marketing Communications Manager, Mycorrhizal Applications