Where to Buy


You may not find the MycoApply brand for sale on a retail shelf, however, MycoApply Certified mycorrhizae is available under many different brands at your local nursery and online.  A product may have mycorrhizae in it, but is it certified to be the best quality with a money back guarantee?  This is why we have initiated the MycoApply Certified standards to ensure homeowners can easily identify high-quality mycorrhizal products.

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Our agriculture distribution network can supply farmers with MycoApply products available for purchase.  Farmers who produce food and/or fiber are the types of clients that would benefit from contacting our qualified agriculture dealers. Whether you grow specialty crops, orchards, vineyards, or row crops,our agricultural mycorrhizae dealer has products available that are designed specifically for your application.

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Wholesale Direct

Let us show you how adding mycorrhizae to your company’s products will improve quality and your bottom line.  Mycorrhizal Applications has the ability to custom design a Mycorrhizal product for your company. Contracted Distributors with regional or national Sales outlets, large-scale commercial growing operations, and soil and fertilizer manufacturers are only some of the industries we have partnered with.

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