MycoApply Logo 200x200Thank you for your interest in our products.   As a manufacturer we do not package or sell Retail Products under the MycoApply Brand you are most likely familiar with.   We do however, have countless manufacturers who are creating and selling many high quality plant products that contain our MycoApply mycorrhizae.  All Companies that we promote and list here on our site are all Partners in our MycoApply Certified Program.

We established the MycoApply Certified Program to help you, the consumer, more easily find and identify high quality products containing appropriate types and amounts of mycorrhizal inoculum for your plants. The MycoApply Certified logo is the gold standard of mycorrhizal certification, assuring the overall integrity of mycorrhizal ingredients for consumers and end-users throughout numerous markets and industries. All Certified Products have undergone a thorough review and lab testing in relation to proper “mycorrhizae” use and incorporation.

MycoApply Certified Retail Products:

A product may contain mycorrhizae, but is it certified to be the best quality and formulated to have the correct amount and types of mycorrhizal species to ensure great results?  Mycorrhizal Applications has initiated the MycoApply Certified standards to ensure consumers can easily identify high quality mycorrhizal products.  The companies listed here on this page are all Partners in the MycoApply Certified Program.  All of the products that they sell in their line that contain the MycoApply Certified Logo have been certified here in our offices by Dr. Mike.   Please look for these Companies Product Lines in your local nurseries, and look for the MycoApply Certified Logo to find a product containing high quality mycorrhizae.

PlantSuccess150x100 WildrootOG150x100 DrEarth150x100 EBStone150x100 MillbornSeeds150x100
DownToEart150x100 Bigfoot150x100 WaupacaNorthwoods150x100 AlphaBioSystems150x100 RootGrow150x100
LaneFores150x100 MarysAlpacaPoop150x100

For more information on these products, Companies or the MycoApply Certified Program please go to our MycoApply Certified Site.

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