Dr. Mikes Bio

Mike Amaranthus, Ph.D. is adjunct associate professor at Oregon State University and President of Mycorrhizal Applications. Dr. Amaranthus has authored over 70 scientific papers on mycorrhizal fungi and their uses. He has received the Department of Agriculture’s highest honors for scientific achievement and been featured on several national television broadcasts.

Company Info

The staff at Mycorrhizal Applications is a group of people that love nature, and as you might imagine, have a strong connection with the great outdoors and a strong desire to keep the outdoors great. We are a group that both work hard and play hard, and yes, we do mean while on the clock. MA is a company that is committed to Mother Earth, customer service, quality products, sound science, being progressive, and informed. We each work hard at our jobs to make sure we meet these principles. Somehow we also find time for lunch time Bonsai Seminars, Earth Day celebrations, tending to the company garden, softball practice after work, morel mania (mushroom picking season), and many other fun activities we all enjoy together.

What We Do

Basically, we grow mycorrhizal seeds.  These seeds or “spores” are used to produce the next generation of mycorrhizal plants.  As roots grow, mycorrhizal spores germinate,  and the fungi living with the root become twisted webs of hungry fibers working diligently in the soil.