Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. 2013 Newsletter

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Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We appreciate your interest in mycorrhizae, Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc., and your ideas for meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Speaking of challenges….By mid-century, 9 billion humans will be coming for dinner on earth daily. How do we manage the stress created by the intersection between this demand for food and limited energy, soil, and water resources?

 At Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc., we believe conservation tools are here today and it is time to get moving.  Increasing nutrient and water efficiency, and increasing plant productivity are key to providing for our expanding human population of future generations.  Mycorrhizal fungi have been keystone species in plant productivity for 460 million years.  They are the stomachs of plants.  Recent breakthroughs have allowed us to grow concentrated and selected strains of mycorrhizal fungal spores that can helpyou achieve your productivity goals and save on precious and costly inputs.  Check out this picture of spores extracted recently from a MycoApply® product sample.