MycoApply Improves Zinfandel Grape Harvest in Southern Oregon

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Just wanted to follow up on our conversation regarding the application of Mycorrhizal Applications Mycorrhiza on our vineyard.  If I misuse the application of the word, I do apologize.  Mycorrhiza/Mycorrhizae/Mycorrhizal, it’s confusing!

We have a vineyard in Southern Oregon on the Missouri Flat Bench.  I am aware that you have done extensive soil testing in this area.  After showing you our Zinfandel, you thought that there was a hardpan layer preventing the vines from getting their roots deeper in the soils.

Due to the rocky soil and the fact that we Dry Farm, the Zinfandel, in particular, has always struggled.   So we took your advise and applied the first Mycorrhizae to all the soils in 2012.  Placing a tablespoon at the base of each plant and letting the Fall Rains wash it in to the roots. Then we applied the 2nd Mycorrhizae to the Zinfandel in Spring of 2014 and most recently the Spring of 2015 during the rains.

The upper block of Zinfandel is now on it’s 9th leaf.  We noticed a marked change after the first application in 2012.  The subsequent Spring of 2013, the vigor of the vines and the fruit set and were much improved.  So we set out to apply again in the Spring of 2014.  The vines did so well that in a heavy wind one entire row was blown over, trellis and all because it was so heavy with fruit!

Indeed, last year was a record year for growth the Zinfandel section of the vineyard, the rest of the vineyard has definitely benefitted,  and most notably in the Zin.  The girth of the trunks almost doubled.  They went from 3″ to about 6″.  We have again applied Mycorrhizae this Spring.  We look forward to watching the vines continue to survive.

We are entering a palpable drought.  It will affect us all.  I am so amazed at the symbiosis of these tiny little creatures with the root systems of plants.  I admire your knowledge and dedication to the production of this product.  We look forward to using it through the years.

Sandi Garoutte

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